“We all need a break. Especially pulling an all-nighter. My favorite break? A Wha Guru Chew. I bite into that delicious caramel and let the natural energy flow through me. With a Chew, I’m ready again to face the million tasks I need to get done – like learning how to balance a spoon on my nose. Or the Office Chair Racing and Cubicle Hurdles coming up at 11:00. These things are important when you need to impress clients. Like we say around here: Junk bonds maybe, junk food never! Plus, I gotta stay healthy if I’m going to make it to the Chair Racing finals.”

-Will work for peanuts

“The wife puts a Wha Guru Chew in my lunch bucket every day. Says she doesn’t want me eating junk on the job. Yeah, ok, the guys used to make fun of me. But that may have been my ‘veggie’ burger. I told them I’m proud to eat healthy. Now they try to win my Wha Guru Chews off me in some lunchtime poker games. So far I’m down three Cashew Almonds. Don’t tell the wife.”

- Anonymous

“It’s lonely out here in Moab. Sometimes I pull out a Wha Guru Chew just to enjoy all that caramel, nutty flavor. I can go a few extra miles just imagining unwrapping my next bar. Then, sometimes I make up puppet shows with a Peanut Cashew or two. Like I said, it’s lonely.”
- Al Mond

“My mom puts a couple Wha Guru Chews in my lunch box like everyday, one for lunch and a few for soccer practice. Yum. She also puts in an Angel Card. Today’s was like “Obedience” or something. Whatever. Anyway, I love my chews and my friends do too. I always share with the other kids on the team ‘cause none of us like eating all that artificial stuff. We always clear out all the natural goodies from my lunch box, including the ‘Angel’ Card. Thanks dudes!”
- Sesa, that’s me!

“I live out of my purse. I keep everything in there, including a bunch of Wha Guru Chews. They come in handy when I can’t find my keys, I’m at the movies (don’t tell the usher) or my kids are looking for a snack. My whole family has been eating healthy for years now, but that doesn’t mean we’ve given up fun. Everyone needs treats. I’m glad I found a good natural candy that doesn’t have any refined sugar or anything artificial. I just wish I could find my keys...” - Ginger
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